Monday, 26 May 2014

Everything is on track

Good evening,
Long time no post ! 
Over the last few months of ironman training I have discovered a few things about myself, one is Ironman training is a WAR and number two is family and friends are the nucleus of my Ironman journey. Ironman means so many different things to different people, I had a friend tell me the other day that she could see it In my eyes, the "look" that I was training for an ironman, so I said what look is that and she said "the look that you have accepted that you are now in high gear and nothing will stop you !
So I thought about it and she is right, my body has settled into training and things are actually flowing along nicely.
I've been very careful adding a mere 10% of increase training time each week spending free time stretching and sleeping as well as going to massage and ciropractor with occasional physio for small aches and pains, taking care of them before they get bigger.
My arthritis is at bay for the time being and still sits in the back of my mind that I can have a bad flare anytime soon !
I'm at 130 km on the bike 20 km on the long run and 1500 on the swim and building consistently each week. 
I have adopted the therory of having to get slow to get faster and it sure works.
Oh that's another thing I have learned about triathlon, at any level if you asked a question you will get 100 different answers, I have been able to talk to a few close friends and ironman verterans and piece together some awesome training ! 
Why did I quit posting? Well it has become a private adventure for me and my family, one with joy and fears and occasionally some tears ! And if anyone ever tells me that they have never even shed a small tear they are full of it because this whole adventure is full of surprises around every corner ones you will have to wait till I'm done to hear about as I am still writing but not posting, you will get to read it soon enough.
Maybe a couple posts to keep you up on current events but no more drama about fat and will power, I'm just getting down to business and turning up the heat  

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Thanks giving weekend!

Looks like awesome weather for a ride this weekend ! Get those warm riding cloths out for a late season ride ! 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Not Perfect

I have tried to write this blog tonight but have erased and deleted it time and time again, my posts have been few and far between, partly because I've wanted to get as far away from triathlon for a while because of the time commitment I'm about to undertake "Ironman" soon it's time to get into shape for the new year when things get serious ! 
I have lots to say about a few things but refuse to talk about them right now because it's not time! But soon enough !
I found a garmin watch in the gym the other day and turned it into the desk, I really hope it found its way to the right owner! Just remember ! Karma is a bitch it will come back and haunt you some day when you least expect ! 
Hope you have a great week ! Train hard stay happy and stay safe 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Things change

Some times I feel like the world is getting crazy ! The amount of people out there that haven't got a care in the world except themselves is amazing. I try to really go out of my way everyday to make someone have a better day, if everyone just would do that a couple times in a day it would sure help !
Try that tomorrow. You might like it !

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Have a quick read

Just an interesting clip from an article I was reading !

7. Positive Mental Attitude

If you want to be an effective triathlete, you must have the right attitude. Say to yourself, "I will nail this workout," rather than, "I want to nail this workout." Believing that a positive mental attitude is critical to his success, Kemper seeks outside help to work on this habit.

"I meet regularly with a sport psychologist at the Olympic Training Center, and we work a lot on positive self-talk. It's easy for negative thoughts to come into your head when things aren't going according to plan during a race. It's important for me to notice those thoughts and immediately refocus my thinking on the process," he says.

Part of having a positive mental attitude is being able to move past bad workouts or races. "If you have a positive attitude, you'll get a lot more out of your workouts," says Lieto. "You have to believe you can do it."

So if you want to be an effective triathlete, or if you just want to place in your age group at your next triathlon, integrate these habits into your lifestyle. Remember that good habits are like bad habits—once you form them, they are hard to break. And if you treat the whole process as a formula that includes the above components, you will find success in the sport.

And so it begins

IMMT 140.6 training has begun ! I'm not pounding any large miles or swimming song huge swims I'm just preparing. Eating healthy, cutting a few calories hitting the gym ! I have really let myself down this summer by not focusing hard on training, the only good that could come of this is I might be rested up enough to get on better shape for the heavy volume to come in a few months!
That's my goal now, to build base fitness and drop some lbs enough to turn it up when the time is right!

I've had a great couple first days of eliminating crap from my diet, it's like a purge that lasts for about 2 weeks then all cravings are gone and it will be time to ramp things up!

It's hard to believe I was able to complete  the 70.3 ironman at the weight I was and not have a stroke ! But it's done and a valuable lesson learned!

Time to focus and move forward !